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Basic Principles
Supertrue 4
allows you to record and play back the console’s fader movements and
automated switches, referenced against timecode. Any changes replayed will happen at
exactly the same time and in the case of fader movements, at the same rate.
In the same way a multitrack recorder can be used to build up a song piece by piece,
section by section,
Supertrue 4
can be used to create a mix that would be impossible to
reproduce in one live pass.
Off-Line Editing, Virtual Dynamics
, improved
(signal flow preferences) allow the user to fully control all aspects of the recording
and mixing process.
This means that you can sit back and concentrate on how a mix actually sounds without
having to worry about muting channels and riding levels. Multiple variations of mixes can
be stored allowing you to easily compare different versions, try out ideas or even return to
a project several weeks later to add some minor adjustment.
This level of control can be brought to other equipment in your recording facility,
incorporating external tape machine control and
Visual Effects (VFX)
to graphically
manipulate and store the parameters of your external effects processors.
can become the central control point for your facility, enabling you to control
your console, perform automated punch in/out on your multitrack and tweak parameters
on your outboard equipment without moving from your chair or alternating between
various software packages.
Supertrue 4 User Guide
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