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As with the
software version details, it is important to make note of this
number and quote it when contacting Amek regarding any technical support issue. In the
event that the
is not detected, a warning message will be displayed.
If you encounter this message, you should first check that all necessary cabling is securely
connected. The details pertinent to your console can be found in the technical manual.
After this has been done, clicking on the
button will perform another check for the
presence of the
. If the same error message occurs, even after checking all of the
necessary cabling, please contact your Amek dealer for further instruction.
As with all of Amek’s products, the
is subject to ongoing development policy,
therefore the software revision number contained within the unit may change from time
to time. The latest revision number can be established by contacting your Amek dealer.
Timecode Type
Timecode Type
specifies the
Frame Rate
for the timecode to be generated. Select the
Frame Rate
by clicking the radio button adjacent to the desired rate.
Timecode Compensation
Timecode Compensation
window enables user definition of parameters to compensate
for any variance in the external timecode (such as discontinuous timecode caused by
spliced tape) or momentary breaks in timecode, commonly referred to as
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