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With the relentless expansion of Broadcasting in all parts of the world,
we have recognised the market’s need for a new, more cost-effective,
small format audio console which is not only well-featured, but
also able to deliver the performance and build quality expected
by today’s Broadcast professionals.
The BB100 is a versatile member of our range of
professional audio mixing consoles with a flexible
design aimed primarily at broadcasters, but still
remaining suitable for use in many other applications.
Up to 32 channels can be fitted
Up to 8 subgroups can be fitted
There are 8 Aux sends, Aux 1-2 can be configured as stereo
Up to 5 Stereo FX returns (depending on the number of subgroups fitted)
Four chassis sizes are available - typical configurations are:
( 8 + 2 stereo / 4 / 2 )
( 16 + 2 stereo / 4 / 2 )
( 24 / 8 / 2 )
( 32 / 8 / 2)
Mono channels have 4 band EQ, Stereo channels have 3 band EQ. Both have swept mids with
adjustable Q and In/Out switch
The BB100 includes many features useful to broadcasters
Up to 4 Cleanfeed Outputs with talkback. These outputs can be changed (using internal jumpers)
to an output matrix fed from the groups and main output
Control Room Monitor with external inputs and outputs for Main and Nearfield speakers. One of
the sources has a 4 input sub mixer for returns from video machines
Studio Monitor with talkback. This output is automatically muted by the On Air switch or when a
channel fader is open and that channel is selected to “Mic”
The On-Air Switch also inhibits line-up tone and oscillator signals and provides an output which
can be used to operate an external On-Air lamp. The On-Air function can also be activated from
outside the console
“Soft” Mute circuits
Fader Starts and External Mutes
Stereo channels have M-S (Sum and Difference) Switches
Channel Meters reading the prefade signal
Direct Outputs on all mono input channels
Conductive plastic faders
Other system features
LED indication on all important switches
Major inputs and outputs are balanced
Stereo PFL/AFL bus
Many internal jumper links for user configuration
Line up oscillator with 3 frequencies
Metering uses 28 segment lightmeters and moving coil meters
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