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Mr Rupert Neve
As one of the world's leading manufacturers
of audio mixing consoles, we have many
years experience in the design of professional
audio products for the Broadcast field.
The BCII was soon joined by the Classic in
1985, which extended the range of
applications to large-format television
gallery sound desks, capable of multi-track
operation and a high degree of
The BCII (launched in 1983) quickly
established itself as a very reliable,
cost-effective product capable of the
24-hours-a-day, 365days-a-year
operation demanded by professional
After some 700+ mixers had been
sold, the BCII was superseded by
the BCIII in 1990 which offered
increased flexibility, performance
and customisation capabilities to
the Broadcast market.
Amek also brought Rupert Neve's
unquestionable design expertise to
the fore once again with the
introduction of his superlative TLA
microphone pre-amplifier.
Even the earliest BClIs are still giving their users faultless
service and well over 1,500 BClIs and BCIlls are currently
in daily on-air use throughout the world!
a brief history
and now . . . . . . .
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